Coach Tate Foundation

08/21/17 Empowering Families to be Self Reliant and Divinely Ordered

Host Phrantceena Tate Halres and Co-Host Wade Taylor discuss the mission of Empowered Family Talk, and its goal of helping families learn the habits and techniques of self reliance, and understand the Divine Order of things.

They are joined by Demetrios Meimaridis, of The Coach Tate Foundation, to explain how this show supports The Coach Tate Foundation’s mission of helping children in need develop life skills through Athletics and the Arts.

In our final segment we hear from Mr Riley Fields, Director of Community Relations. about the Carolina Panthers commitment to building healthy, strong communities.

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1 Message of Self Reliance for Parents and Teens

2 Message of Support for Counselors, Ministers, Teachers and Young Adults

3 The Mission of The Coach Tate Foundation

4 Carolina Panthers Support our Communities


08/21/17 Entrepreneurial School Prepares Students for a Successful Future

Host Phrantceena Tate Halres and Co-host Wade Taylor are joined by Charles Parisi, Acting Chair for the School for Entrepreneurship & Technology.
We learn about SET High’s mission to teach youth to be responsible, accountable and entrepreneurial.

1 The Mission of SET High to Return Parents, Kids and the Community to the Center of the Educational Process

2 Teaching Kid to be Responsible and Accountable by Modeling that Behavior


08/28/17 Education through Sports and Art, Self Reliance and the Divine Order

1 Guest Janet Cone discusses UNC Asheville’s Community Based Multi-Cultured Student Success Programs UNCA Bulldogs 

2 Guest Janet Cone explains how It Takes a Village to Grow our Students to Productive Citizens

3 Guest Demetrios Meimaridis of the Coach Tate Foundation Charity Mission Discusses Their Emphasis on Arts.

4 More with Demetrios Meimaridis Describing The Coach Tate Foundation’s Solution through its New Learning CIESAM Campus Build