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2017 Coach Tate Foundation CEO to be ordained

Coach Tate Foundation CEO to be ordained as minister in service

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Phrantceena Halres will be ordained as a Baptist minister this Sunday at Mt. Zion Baptist Church in Valdese.

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Phrantceena Tate Halres, a local preacher’s daughter from Valdese, N.C., will return to her hometown for her official licensing service at Mt. Zion Baptist Church on Jan. 22 at 3 p.m.

Halres has been working in ministry ever since she was young but will return to her hometown church for the official licensing ceremony allowing her to minister to greater populations. According to Halres, who produced a multi-billion-dollar company within a trillion-dollar market place, the ceremony will allow her to expand her ministerial gifts within the church.

“I have been ministering for many years and am excited about this service as it will expand business opportunities,” Halres said.

In the Baptist doctrine, there is a typical ceremony held for those who receive their license to minister to greater populations, Halres said.

“It’s much like a church service,” said Halres.

In the business world, Halres has owned and operated a security company for more than 14 years, providing security, safety and protection personnel to schools, churches and businesses. She created, designed, built and delivered an Industry Business Model to produce a multi-million-dollar woman- and minority-owned and operated business enterprise. Her technology is “certified” and valued at half a billion dollars.

Those who plan to attend Halres’ licensing service will become familiar with Halres’ story of her journey as a preacher’s daughter in the business world.

“People that attend, ranging from family to friends, loved ones, those in the business community and those wishing well, will learn how they can partner with me and tend to the community,” Halres said. “They will get a chance to learn and an opportunity to participate in ministry.”

Halres also works as a keynote speaker and runs the Coach Tate Foundation out of Asheville and its ministry programs. She is also an author of a book and will be releasing two more coming out in the next six months, part of a six-part series.

Those who attend the licensing service will be informed on Halres’ “Pay it Forward” Ministry and the programs, partnerships and services that are included. Attendees will also be able to visit with Halres during her book signing after the service.

According to a press release, Halres will present her “Initial Teaching” where she declares her gifts as “spiritually principled teachings.” Focused around her first book, Halres will elaborate on rural community children and parents and their ability to know who they are in Christ, how to live the right way and take them back to basic teachings of Jesus.

“I’ve seen many things from traveling all over the world, and what I’ve found is everything starts at the house with the family,” said Halres. “That’s where the teaching starts, at home with the family and who we are with Jesus.”

Halres believes her humble beginnings helped her to get where she is today.

“As a child, I was able to see and experience this with my mother and also become a pianist in the church and work at the highest level in all kinds of churches,” Halres said. “This transcended into the business world when I’m handling multi-million dollar contracts. My spiritual upbringing helped me to become successful in saying no to corruption and darkness of the world.”

Halres is excited to return home after 33 years in the name of ministry.

“It’s inspiring for me to do this back home,” said Halres. “It’s special to me to honor my dad and mother. It’s not about me but it’s about the next five generations and teaching how we must embrace our children and grow them up in the right way so they can live an abundant life. Ministry is a natural gift that God has given me, I’m excited.”

Mt. Zion Baptist Church is located at 4427 Berry School Ave in Valdese. Halres’ licensing ceremony will be held Jan. 22 at 3 p.m.

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